Liam Cobb


I’ve said it here before – I’m a little intimidated by illustration. I don’t do it well and it’s a huge world that I am not super familiar with. But here’s a good opportunity to stick a toe in the ocean. There’s something I find really wonderful about Liam Cobb’s style and body of work. I’m not sure if it’s the whimsical nature of it combined with the exacting detail and architectural precision, or if it’s the strange but satisfying color combinations, it’s probably all of it. Anyway, it seem like Liam has been around for a while and is known for his comic series. It’s hard to find a whole lot about him but here’s one blurb from People of Print

“Liam Cobb is an illustrator and comic book maker who concentrates on post apocalyptic landscapes, juxtaposed with witty, dry and hilarious dialogue.”

I like it.


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