Rare Syd


Something rubs me the wrong way about this website. Sure I appreciate the designy-ness of the Swiss style type and layout. But I feel like they are trying a bit too hard to be designers here and the user experience suffers a bit. The images overlaid on the text are distracting and it’s not clear what they even mean. I’m usually a big fan of slightly cryptic symbols, but even I can’t figure out what they are trying to say with these graphics. The site itself is one big hamburger menu and it can get pretty unruly when too many sections are open. It’s cool that the color changes every time the page loads and I do like the rollover text over each of the menu items. Overall I’d say there are some good things about this site but I don’t like it. I included it because it’s just as important to talk about things that don’t work as it is to call out things that are great.



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