KIKK Festival

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 6.37.54 AM

I guess you could call something like this a “temporary” website. It’s for an event that comes and goes and so the site must disappear after it’s shelf life is over. I’ve noted a few of these and I think they can be quite special because they don’t have to last forever, they have a specific, ephemeral purpose. This one in particular is for a design festival in Belgium. It’s got a theme revolving around microorganisms – which I love since I’m a former biology student and I get into this type of thing. The interface is pretty neat, especially the rollovers of the squiggly creatures. The site itself is quite deep and thorough. The creators of the site, Dog Studio, did a great job graphically and technically. My computer did not complain too loudly running this site. This is another example of a site moving beyond simple information exchange and creating a fun and playful user experience. I support this.


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