Blok Design

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If I simply stumbled upon this agency portfolio site with no background I’d probably say it was pretty good. But I read an interview with the agency on ComArts and now I’m scratching my head. They talk about how they spent so much time and care on the user experience and wireframing to get the balance just right, but after going through the site, I find it very difficult to navigate and use. There seem to be several major flaws, which I’ll let you discover, but it’s actually difficult to navigate. The agency also talks about their favorite section – the Unearth section, and for the life of me, I can’t find it(or unearth it).

Another thing that grinds my gears – they talk about how brave they are to cut their logo in half(which looks sort of cool IMO) but it’s something that literally no one else in the world cares about except themselves and it renders the logo unreadable.

I will say that I find the actual navigation to click through individual projects quite well done and I may have to steal that for myself when I update my portfolio.

The lesson I’d take from this – don’t BS about UX if you don’t fully understand it.


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