Moment Zero

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 6.18.14 AM

Data visualization is becoming a hot topic again, especially in relation to VR and AR. I was just at a data & design event last night and the key takeaway to me was that all the data in the world won’t do anybody any good unless it’s packaged into a story that is understandable and useable to the people that need it. And not everybody needs the same information from the same data. For example a CEO needs a high level picture that is actionable on a strategic level while an analyst might need a deeper picture of a smaller slice of data.

This example visualizes earthquakes around the world plotted by date and location. It’s pretty cool looking and has 360 and VR views. I don’t think it’s particularly useful for it’s data, but the idea of how data can be visualized from different angles and perspectives is strong.

a Canadian agency called Locomotive created this as an experiment and promotional tool:


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